A Step-By-Step How-To Guide

Get a Blog Hosting Account

Getting a blog hosting account is really a simple process. Just follow these 7 Steps to get a Blog Hosting Account:

  • Step 1 - Choose a Fast WordPress Hosting Provider
  • Step 2 - Choose WordPress Hosting for Your New Blog
  • Step 3 - Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog
  • Step 4 - Select Additional Blog Hosting Options
  • Step 5 - Adjust Domain Configuration Options
  • Step 6 - Review Your Web Hosting Account Options
  • Step 7 - Complete the Checkout Form & Make Payment

How to Get a Blog Hosting Account - GordonWridgway.com

Getting yourself a blog web hosting account is a vital first step before you can start your blog design.

The hosting accounts and steps also apply to any business website or an e-commerce store.

Every time someone visits your blog, the files that make up your blog are loaded into the browser.

This means you need a web hosting account where your files can be stored and you need bandwidth to allow for data transfer.

You can read more about what to look for in a great host taking a look at my Free Blog Design Checklist & Prep Guide.

The hosting company I am about to recommend does, however, check all the boxes I mention in the blog design checklist.

Right, so I am going to show you step-by-step, how to get a really fast web hosting account.

Let's get started...

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1. Choosing a Fast WordPress Hosting Provider.

So why is it important that you get fast blog web hosting?

Every time someone visits your blog, it has to load into their browser. The longer it takes to load the greater the likelihood that you will lose visitors.

In fact blog speed has become so important that Google uses web page load time as one of the factors in its algorithm to determine page rankings.

There is a ton of information available on the internet today. Life has become fast-paced and everyone wants instant answers.

If you are starting a blog, surely you want it to have every chance to be successful?

Getting fast web hosting will give your blog a great starting foundation.

So the first step is to find a reputable hosting provider.

My recommendation in this Step-By-Step Bloggers Guide is A2 Hosting.

I personally use A2 Hosting for my blog.

Step 1 - Visit A2 Hosting's WordPress Hosting Page

Once you have clicked through to A2 Hosting's WordPress Hosting options you will need to look at each option.

Get a Blog Web Hosting Account - Step 1
Go to A2 Hosting and select WordPress Hosting
Click Here To View WordPress Hosting Options

2. Choosing WordPress Hosting for Your New Blog.

As I have mentioned, speed is an important factor when choosing a web host for your WordPress Blog.

Other important factors include how much storage space and bandwidth you get.

Here are a few other things to look for:

  • Storage on SSD - This helps improve data transfers of your files.
  • Cpanel - Makes it easy to manage your hosting and websites.
  • SSL Encryption - A2 Hosting offers FREE LetsEncrypt SSLs
  • Speed Enhancements - A2 Hosting has some of the most comprehensive speed enhancements around.
Step 2 - Choose a WordPress Hosting Account

My recommendation here would be Turbo or Managed. Both will give you a great foundation for starting a successful blog.

Click 'Get Turbo' or 'Get Managed' when you are ready.

Get a Blog Web Hosting Account - Step 2
Select a WordPress Hosting Plan
Click Here To View WordPress Hosting Options

3. Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog.

Your next step is to check if your preferred domain name options are available.

To do this, you simply enter your domain name options and click the 'Check' button.

You will then see if your domain name is available and you can register it or otherwise continue looking for a good option.

Step 3 - Select a Domain Name for Your Blog

Once you have found a domain name for your blog that is still available you can click the 'Continue' button.

Get a Blog Web Hosting Account - Step 3
Check Domain Name Availability
Click Here To View WordPress Hosting Options

4. Selecting Additional Web Hosting Options.

Once you have found the right domain name, it is time to configure your web hosting account.

You will have the option to select the payment period. This varies from monthly to 12, 24 or 36 months.

The longer the period chosen the lower your hosting fees become.

You can also choose from the following options:

  • Dedicated IP address - If you are fine to spend a bit extra this is a good option to go with.
  • Priority Support - Also a good option but A2 Hosting's regular support is pretty good and reasonably fast. So for a new blogger, it should suit you just fine.
  • Offsite Backups - Also a good idea. If you have signed up for one of our Blog Starter Packs you will get monthly offsite backups from us by default.
  • Server Location - Select the one closest to your main market.
  • A2 Website Builder - Choose if you are not planning on using WordPress.
  • Performance Plan -  If you want even more speed you can choose this option.
  • Spam Firewall - Blocking Spam is always a good idea.
  • SSL Certificates - I recommend LetsEncrypt if you are just starting out.
  • Auto-Install Application - If you want to set up one of the listed software packages you can select it with this option. If you are purchasing a Blog Starter Pack then leave this option empty as we will take care of all the installations for you.
  • CloudFlare - Need even more speed? Choose this option.
Step 4 - Finalise Your Web Hosting Options

Once you have configured your web hosting account with the available options you should review them.

Double check your 'Order Summary' and then click 'Continue'.

PS: If you make a mistake you can always go back and change it before you click the checkout button in step 7.

Get a Blog Web Hosting Account - Step 4
Select Additional Hosting Options
Click Here To View WordPress Hosting Options

5. Domain Configuration Options

There are a few options you can select for your domain.

These are:

  • DNS Management - You should select this option
  • ID Protection - This costs a little bit but is also worth selecting
  • Email Forwarding - You never know when you might want to add forwarders so its best to select this option.
Step 5 - Completing Your Domain Configuration

Once you are happy with the selected options, click 'Continue' to move to the next step.

Get a Blog Web Hosting Account - Step 5
Select Domain Options
Click Here To View WordPress Hosting Options

6. Final Web Hosting Account Review.

Almost done. Now its time to do a final review of your web hosting account and domain configuration options.

Step 6 - Review Your Options and the Order Summary

First review your 'Web Hosting' and 'Domain Registration' settings. Then, check your 'Order Summary'.

Finally, click 'Checkout' to be taken to the final step for ordering your new blog web hosting account.

Get a Blog Web Hosting Account - Step 6
Review Your Domain & Hosting Selection
Click Here To View WordPress Hosting Options

7. Complete the Checkout Form & Make Payment.

The final step in your quest to get one of the fastest web hosting accounts around is to complete the 'Checkout' page.

I have separated the checkout form into three images. Click for an enlarged view of each step.

The first part of the checkout form is where you enter your personal details.

The next step is to set up your domain registration information.

The last step before you click the 'Complete Order' button is to enter your payment details.

Step 7 - Completing the Checkout Form

Once you have filled in the above checkout sections you should review your information to make sure it is correct.

Once you have done this, you can choose to be on A2 Hosting's mailing list and you should also review their terms & conditions.

Finally, click that 'Complete Order' button! Now you are done. ?

A2 Hosting will send you several emails shortly after you complete the checkout, so keep an eye out for them.


If you are purchasing a Blog Starter Pack, be sure to forward your web hosting login details to us so that we can install your pack for you.

Get a Blog Web Hosting Account - Step 7a
Checkout - Enter Your Details
Get a Blog Web Hosting Account - Step 7b
Checkout - Payment Details
Get a Blog Web Hosting Account - Step 7c
Checkout - Finish
Click Here To View WordPress Hosting Options

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