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A Career in Website Design & Online Marketing to Becoming a Full-Time Blogger

My story starts nearly 10 years ago…

I had just finished doing a year of volunteer work. Before that, I had been working for a Japanese newspaper while studying creative writing. I was thinking of a career as a fantasy author (I’d still like to do this one day).

Originally, I had hoped to build a career as a martial arts instructor. I had been a half-way decent martial arts instructor for around 6 years but sometimes life takes you on a different path and after blowing out my knee several times I stopped training.

And of course, there were various other ‘before thats’.

Anyway, after the volunteer work, I found myself wondering what to do for an income and a career. Then came my first website design job.

I reluctantly agreed to take the job. I had never built a website before but I needed to start earning an income. I got hold of some web design software and built an amazing website right off the bat!

Actually, truth be told, it was a terrible website! I hated building it as I fumbled my way through using the software I wanted to give up many times out of frustration. I really had no idea what to do and had to learn by trial and error pretty fast.

The client seemed to think the design wasn’t bad and I guess it was fair value for what he paid me.

Well, that was the start of my career in website and blog design.

After a few more small jobs, I actually learned how to use the software effectively and I got better at layouts and design.

Sometime later I discovered WordPress and the rest they say is history.

Over the years I taught myself all about website design and online marketing by reading every blog article I could get my hands on. I continue to read and do research today. You never stop learning and it is important to keep up to date.

Fast forward a few years…

I built up a good number of good clients, even some large multinationals.

Life was good, in fact it was a bit too comfortable. The family expenses were covered and I had no need to hustle.

So, no surprise, I was unhappy, unfulfilled, bored and felt I was purposeless.

Helping Others…

I’ve always been happy to help clients and give away free advice. I have written countless long back and forth emails explaining how web design and online marketing concepts work. I’ve spent many an hour on the phone with a client to help them out.

Years back when I had taught martial arts, I had had a taste of what it felt like to help people on a regular basis. I watched my students grow, get stronger and become more confident. I wanted that feeling back. I wanted to see people grow.

Thus, I decided it was time to move onto new things. To actually help more people. To give myself a purpose and some lofty goals that actually stretch my abilities and force me to do more, to do whatever it takes.

Change is not always easy or comfortable. But being bored, unfulfilled and lacking purpose just plain sucks.

So I decided to bite the bullet and finally start the blog I had been wanting to start for some years now.

I wanted to be able to take my 9 – 10 years worth of website design, online marketing, and blogging experience and share it with as many people as possible.

I’ve got a goal to reach and help 100 million people build successful blogs in the next 10 years. So the goal is certainly lofty!

While I have not had my own blog until now, I have been building blogs, writing hundreds of blog articles for clients and running their online marketing and SEO campaigns for many years now.

This made it difficult to have time to start a blog of my own. At least that’s what I thought. When I actually looked at it, I probably could have started a blog sooner. But I made the biggest blogging mistake possible.

Anyways, I’m rambling now…

Who is My Blog For & What Can You Expect?

My blog is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to start a blog. It is for beginner bloggers who are struggling or who have given up to some degree. It is also for seasoned bloggers who want to keep learning.

It should also prove useful to companies who are looking at starting a blog to help them grow their audience and increase the size of their market.

I still read articles from other bloggers and marketers. You will never know it all, and if you think you do then I’m afraid its downhill from there.

Content You Can Expect

Besides writing blog articles on a wide range of blog topics, I am also compiling my knowledge and experience into an online book series called, ‘How To Start A Blog’.

This series is broken down into 5 individual book titles each of which covers a different broad range of topics. Each week I aim to release several chapters of these books.

The content has been designed to help new bloggers and struggling bloggers out in a strong blogging foundation and then, on a gradient, build up their knowledge to a point when they are confident and have a great deal of certainty about what it is they will be doing as bloggers.

Why a Book Format?

Books are generally systematic in the way they present information. I have spent nearly 10 years learning from blog articles that were scattered across the internet.

While I have certainly learned a lot, it also took a long time to find all the info and put it into practice.

I want to take the time out of your learning curve. When complete, the series will contain probably the most comprehensive body of fundamental blogging knowledge available, at least that is my aim.

Anyone will be able to come and find all the information neatly organised and gathered together.

When finished, I will probably polish the info up a bit and turn it into a book, but I will always keep it available online and updated for people to access for FREE.

My hope is that you will be one of those people attaining this knowledge. And should you feel it was worthwhile, I hope you will help others by introducing them to this website.

My awesome wife Richelle, will also be writing many of the blogging tips and resources articles on this site.

She is the most efficient person I know, and she has helped me for some years with managing my various marketing businesses. She is also a great writer and she knows more than a thing or two about online marketing.

I am also building an inspirational blog directory featuring all my favorite blogs from around the world.

There is also another very exciting content series in the pipeline to be released once I have finished writing the, ‘How To Start A Blog’ Book Series. So do look out for that and sign up for updates.

I want to help you use your blog to build a better life. Start now!

Hi I'm Gordon,

I'm a Blogger, Strategist & WordPress Consultant

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I've been designing websites, blogs and digital marketing campaigns for clients for nearly a decade.

I've learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn't.

I'd like to help you use your blog to build yourself a better life!

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